Psychosynthesis is a gentle and profound psychotherapy well suited to guiding those undergoing such an intense part of their personal journey. It treats the whole psycho-spiritual being, not just the personality.

Are you experiencing…


Crisis of meaning or crisis of duality
Yearning for personal fulfillment


Feelings of emptiness and meaningless
Troubled by your past history


A hunger for spirituality or deeper meaning
Questioning the purpose of life/your life’s purpose

It is deeply beneficial and soothing to those undergoing an intense or difficult part of their personal journey. Dealing with a life crisis, a crisis of meaning, trauma or transitional period can bring a deep level of suffereing as we try to make sense of what is happening. Psychosynthesis psychotherapy can bring healing and new meaning as we learn to bring more conscious awareness into our lives.

It is also suitable for those who simply sense that there could be more to life and wish to access deeper reservoirs of untapped potential by connecting with their authentic Self.

Psychosynthesis psychotherapy draws on a myriad of ideas and techniques that foster personal and spiritual growth.  Often as we undergo change, there are opportunities to find deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. One to one therapy provides a safe nurturing space to work with both the darkness and emerging light in our lives.

Starting Therapy

It is a good idea to book an ‘Initial Consultation’ to meet Colette and learn a little bit more about the process and whether it feels right for you. From there, if you want to go ahead, it is usual to commit to a minimum of six sessions after which there would be a review before you are offered an ongoing weekly appointment. All sessions take place on a weekly basis. The overall length of being in therapy varies for each individual and could be anything from a few months to several years. The important thing to remember is that it is about you and your unique transformational journey into your psyche and your being and that Colette is there to facilitate that.


Colette currently practices in Blackwater, Cornwall TR4. For those living outside of Cornwall she offers online therapy via zoom and skype.


An Initial Consultation £75
Ongoing weekly sessions £70/£60 concessions

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