In our busy lives we are most often in a state of doing, moving from one job or activity to the next. We are constantly bombarded with information.  Our minds are usually full to overflowing with thoughts.

Even when we are alone or preparing to sleep, our minds are often still busy with thoughts. Over time we get caught up in our thoughts and their emotional counterparts letting them sweep us off into worry, anxiety, daydreaming, memories and planning. When this is happening we are not really experiencing the present moment. We are literally not present. Practising Mindfulness helps to bring us back to the present moment where we can experience our thoughts, emotions, judgements, beliefs, perceptions and opinions without becoming tangled up in them. This gives us the freedom to respond rather than react.

Meditation is a powerful tool in creating a space where we can reconnect with our inner consciousness thus discovering the tranquillity, happiness and compassion that we all desire. Peace, wisdom and openheartedness are born of a clear mind and receptive heart.

With physical Relaxation comes mental calmness. By learning how to identify tension in our bodies and techniques to release it, we gain another powerful tool to deal with stress. The more aware we become of our patterns of muscular tension, the quicker we are able to relieve them, simultaneously relaxing our minds.

Self-inquiry is the process by which we move towards self-realisation or self awareness. Visual and guided meditations, reflections and themed contemplations can aid greatly in helping us connect with our intuition and wisdom.It is useful to keep a journal of insights so that you can chart your own personal journey into greater consciousness.

One to one tuition
Colette is currently offering one to one teaching sessions. Sessions are 1.5hrs long and cost £100/£90 concessions. Sessions can also be arranged for small groups of up to three people.

Colette is hoping to begin an open class in Cornwall in the near future. Please register your interest by submitting your name and e-mail address in the form to the right.